Costa Rica, December 2003

The path through Costa Rica is well worn these days, but never the less enjoyable.  We dropped into San Jose and grabbed a rental car and headed out.  Our drive took us past a couple of volcanos that refused to show, through the hot springs and into the cloud forests of Monte Verde.  There we hiked, zip-lined and then headed to the beaches of Guanacaste for some relaxation and scuba certification for Seth.  We drove back down the pan-american highway to San Jose and caught a comuter plane to Corcovado national park in the south for a very "rustic" and beautiful tent camp on the beach.  Hiking in the rain forest and bodysurfing in the 80 degree pacfic on unspoilt beaches.  We were asleep well before the new year and finished the trip with some whitewater rafting!

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 Costa Rica Map

Obligatory Overview Stats             

Area: 51,100 sq km
Population: 4.1 million
People: 96% Spanish descent, 2% African descent, 1% indigenous, 1% Chinese
Language: English, Spanish
Religion: 75% Roman Catholic, 14% Protestant
Government: democratic republic
GDP: US$32 billion
GDP per capita: US$8,300
Major Industries: Tourism, electronics, coffee, bananas, sugar, food processing, textiles and clothing, construction materials, fertilizer, plastic products